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About Interact

Interact was formed in 1981 as an Architectural and Interior Design practice. Interact has successfully carried out many projects throughout New Zealand. With the base of clients Interact now has, the projects are varied and in diverse areas of Architecture and Interior Design.

Since 1987 our practice has developed into the Commercial and Corporate area where we have worked with major corporations such as New Zealand Post, TrustBank New Zealand and Westpac Trust Properties. Our work portfolio covers construction and fitout of major industrial buildings, such as New Zealand Post Mail Sorting Centres, and includes fitouts for New Zealand Post Shops and multi-storey offices for WestpacTrust Properties Ltd. Interact also carries out many 'one-off' projects.

Interact is a forward-looking and innovative team.

Our success to date, especially in the area of design concepts, is attributed to our ability to think laterally. We develop practical yet creative solutions with an honest commitment to working within budget guidelines and agreed timeframes. We take initiative and show a proactive approach to problem solving. We believe we are capable of quickly grasping the customer's expectations and seeing their vision for the overall design.

Interact is fully committed to each project and will therefore research, investigate and analyse resources, products and systems available in order that the project begins on time and then runs smoothly through to completion.

Interact has a record of establishing an excellent and on-going working rapport with clients, contractors and staff. This is proven by repeat clientele. We believe that fair, open and respectful interaction in this area is paramount to reaching a successful conclusion.


Interact are now able to offer a registered Homestar Practitioner service.

This is a brand new system intended to be a comparative rating system for all NZ homes, both new and existing and encompasses a range of quality of life factors. More information can be found at www.homestar.org.nz.

About Us

A Homestar™ Practitioner is an industry professional who has been trained and accredited by Homestar™ to provide advice when you are making decisions about home design and attributes that contribute to the comfort, health and performance of your home.

The advantage of working with a Homestar Practitioner is that they can guide you on good environmental design based on the Homestar Certified Tool to maximise the performance of your new home or renovation and help you get the appropriate Homestar™ rating.